Tuesday 26 January 2016

Promotional Keyring - Free Gift by Nutella

To commemorate their 50th year anniversary, Nutella are gifting 500 key rings to lucky consumers in and around Europe.

Promotional Keyring
Promotional Keyring - Free Gift by Nutella

Included on the chain is a small heart, imprinted with the number 50- as well as the iconic nutella tub. 

How a promotional keyring can be used as a Marketing Gift:
  • Celebrate an Anniversary! This is a wonderful example of an anniversary promo. Not only is it a great gift, it is also a brilliant way to back your brands heritage with the use of a premium promotional product.
  • Promotional giveaway. Everyone loves a free gift! Using a promotional giveaway can be a great way to boost brand perception and spread some positive word of mouth.  
  • Gift with purchase. A proven way to stimulate sales and add additional purchasing incentive, Nutella may be seen to miss out on something here. 
  • On pack promotion. Attaching the keyring to an extra large tub could have been a method of promotion and enable a potential consumer to see the keyring in real life. 
  • Corporate gift. This is a fantastic way to treat associates and partners with a product that can actually be used. 
  • Event product. If in need of a product to present or hand-out at events this can be a great product to do so. 
  • Redemption gift. A highly acclaimed way to get customers to purchase more, this can be a great way to gift a potentially high-spending consumer. 
Promotional key rings are a brilliant example of a marketing gift due to the nature of the product. They are made to be attached to the one item that should be with you at all times, your keys. This is the perfect way to increase brand awareness, and get any brand noticed. 

If your interested in marketing gifts. and ways to operationalise your marketing, visit our website and contact us. We have 100's of case studies and examples of ways to utilize promotional products and marketing gifts.

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