Wednesday 31 August 2016

Handy Shoestring Belt by Dan's Comp

In case you are familiar with gag shows, you have probably seen comedians with their trousers pooling around their ankles as they walk, and laughed with the rest of the audiences. However, this will not be as fun if it happens to you or anyone you know in real life. It is embarrassing, to say the least. So, the most practical solution? Bring this customized shoestring belt from Dan’s Comp whenever you go out.

Handy Shoestring Belt by Dan's Comp

The Perks of Doing So
  • Less Pants-Related Incidences. The shameful incidence typically occurs when you have lost weight, but you have assumed that your old trousers will still fit you. Hence, it will be a face-saver if you can take this promo gift from your bag and loop it around the waist.
  • Small Storage Requirement. The gift with purchase is just the longer version of your shoe laces. It is therefore okay to roll, fold or scrunch this up and stash at the bottom of the bag.

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