Thursday 1 September 2016

Gift with Purchase by Iluminage - Sleeping Mask

Sweet dreams are hard to come by when there are so much ideas running in your head right before shuteye. This is like your brain’s way of giving you a summary of the things you have done or should have done during the day. It does nothing but keep you too busy to realize that it is already 2 AM, and you badly need that sleep now. What can help you actually is a good power nap – or two – prior to your bedtime. It relaxes your mind, so you get to sleep better in the night. It is best to do it with the sleeping mask from Iluminage.

Gift with Purchase by Iluminage - Sleeping Mask

Advantages That Consumers Get from the GWP
  • Block visual noise. Many people are sensitive about the colors peeking through their closed eyes. But because it is simply not possible when in the office, the free sleeping mask can help them block those visual noises.
  • Focus on sleeping. The gift with purchase will also prevent the mind from wandering. It will give you the illusion of being in your darkened room, so you can focus on sleeping.
  • Protect the eyes. The promo gift lets you keep your eyes shut until you are ready to open them. Thus, the bright lights will not bother you.

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