Friday 14 October 2016

Branded Drawstring Bag - Elemis Marketing Pack

Whenever you purchase a beauty product, do you check how it has been packaged? The reason why we are asking this is because consumers generally feel extra assured that the items they will be buying are in great condition, and so should you. This is the fastest way to find out if you are putting your trust – and money – to the right brand. In the cosmetic industry, Elemis is one of the companies known for packing their merchandise in specialized containers. Their latest packaging material is a drawstring bag.

Branded Drawstring Bag - Elemis Marketing Pack

Rewards of Creating This GWP
  • Spaciousness. In-pack promotion is what many customers like to get since purchasing products as a group is cheaper than obtaining them one by one. Now, since you can stack things inside the branded drawstring bag either in a horizontal or vertical fashion, they will be presented with more discounted goods.
  • Brand Placement. The aura of this promo gift is very immaculate, that’s why it is a nice carrier of the brand name. The ink color should simply be the same as the hue of the string that pulls everything together.
  • Call-to-Action Loaded. The size of the gift with purchase has permitted Elemis to print not just their logo but also their tagline. Placing the word “enjoy” there in bold letters can really encourage the consumers to use their finds often.

Frivolous marketing strategies do not often work. Sometimes you need to show a bit of elegance when you advertise your brand, and this can be learned from the Marketing Gifts blog.

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