Wednesday 12 October 2016

Branded Towel – A Givenchy Promo Product

In a group of friends, there is always one who cannot distinguish clean from used clothes, and another who is so self-conscious that he or she needs to only wear stuff from high-end brands to be able to hold his or her chin up while walking in the open. Either of these are a bit unhealthy, to tell you the truth, but the latter seems to be more excusable because the individual still has great personal hygiene.

To give you extra confidence as well when you promote your brand, examine the towel from Givenchy.

Branded Towel – A Givenchy Promo Product

Goals Achieved Through The Promotional Merchandise
  • Higher Brand Relevance. The saying that “it is the thought that counts” does count in every promo gift situation. A brand needs not to be famous because of the name behind it. The consumers have to see the usefulness of their products and giveaways to prove their relevance to the community, and that’s what Givenchy has shown here.
  • Better Revenues. No matter how many millions a company rakes in every year, they can never have one too many bucks added to their profits. Givenchy’s gift with purchase is large and fluffy, that’s why more clients will want to snuggle in it and boost the brand’s sales.
  • Greater Brand Placement. The branded towel has the logo covering one side of it. Givenchy is famous in the international fashion scene, yes, but branding still has to be given attention in order to stay on top of everybody’s game.

Irrespective of the size your company, you may still find advertising ideas in the Marketing Gifts blog that will function for your motives.

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