Friday 14 October 2016

Nike Marketing Giveaway – Customized Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular non-contact sports in the United States which has the potential to be added in the Olympics in the future. A lot of families and friends often gather in large parks to run and pass around a plate-like plastic object by letting it fly through the air. It really is an activity that you can play until the night falls without getting bored at all. If you are beginning to like this game, then you will have much use for Nike’s marketing giveaway.

Nike Marketing Giveaway – Customized Frisbee

Commercial Aspects of the Customized Frisbee
  1. Nice Packaging. The product is vacuum-sealed in a container that is half transparent and half-silver. The brand is an authority when it comes to sports apparel, that’s why their gift with purchase has to have “excellence” non-verbally written in every part of it.
  2. Special Frisbee Lines. When you stare at the promo gift, it becomes observable that there are two sets of lines packed horizontally on the material. The wind can go through those little gaps so that the Frisbee can travel from one point to another faster.
  3. Flawless Branding. They have smacked the logo on the center of the Frisbee to allow more possible consumers to see it. Considering that Nike already has superstar athletes to advertise the brand, their image will not be destroyed if they make use of different promotional strategies too.

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