Tuesday 27 December 2016

Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

The guys have gotten the sweeter end of the deal as they can keep their hair as short as possible without other people batting an eye. For the girls, they still have to manage their long hair with ponytails or bobby pins that are too easy to misplace, or else they will look as if they are witches minus the warty face. To reduce the chances of losing those important hair accessories, here is a branded canister from Lewis & Pearl.

Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

Returns of Making the GWP
  • Nicer Sales. Brands that create useful promotional products find greater number of sales more accessible for them. Because this specific manufacturer has this gift with purchase, they can also see higher profits soon.
  • More Brand Consciousness. The color of the on-pack promotion is very eye-catching. Though it is displayed with many cute items as well, this still stands out and makes many aware of the brand.
  • Better Room for Logo. Anyone can see the name of Lewis & Pearl on the promo gift. This is why the canister is great marketing idea.

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