Monday 26 December 2016

Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

For all the individuals who have always had a soft, warm spot in their hearts for the coffee blends that Nescafé continues to produce, you may be impressed to know that our dear ol’ manufacturer’s promotional products are not bound to differently shaped red mugs anymore. No, they have ventured into tumblers as well and are planning to make consumer experience a hundred times better through it.

Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

Why will customers get the on-pack promotion now?
  1. It insulates heat. The gift with purchase has been constructed in a way that the heat can be maintained inside. Thus, the consumer can still drink hot coffee after some time.
  2. It has catchy tagline. The brand always says in every ad that ‘it all starts with Nescafé’. Since they have these words printed on the free tumbler as well, people will recognize it quickly.
  3. It is good for traveling. Even though the promo gift can keep the hotness of the coffee, the temperature is totally on its external layer. Because of it, its users will not be burned when they bring it on their trips.

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