Friday 23 December 2016

Unilever Marketing Merchandise – Dove Toiletry Organizer

Model houses take pride in their cool furniture and heavily organized fixtures. Truth is, many homeowners strive to have the similar type of orderliness in their own space too, even if they do not get featured in magazines or lifestyle programs. Whereas some succeed, others fail in keeping parts of their residence – specifically the bathroom – systematized. Unilever knows this problem of its consumers, so through the Dove brand they have attached a toiletry organizer in their newest on-pack promotion.

Benefits the Brand Will Be Getting from the Marketing Merchandise
  • Better Brand Awareness. This is the ultimate advantage of using this as a gift with purchase. Even when they run out of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, they can still remember the brand because of the caddy.
  • Bigger Functionality. The free toiletry organizer is crafted from canvas. Rope handles have been added on the sides so that customers can also take it to the beach or elsewhere. This heightens the usefulness of the product, and is therefore an amazing manner to market the brand.
  • Greater Endorsement. Consumers totally get hooked on freebies that have more than one usage. Thus, the promo gift can enable them to personally advertise Dove to their colleagues.

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