Wednesday 4 January 2017

Branded Glasses – Marketing Merchandise from Hennessy

Although the festivities are already over, a fully grown man or woman can have a glass – or two – of their favorite Hennessy cognac whenever they feel like celebrating a new job, a special promotion, etc. It can serve as a more intimate delight for him- or herself after receiving the good news. Of course, the person can get quite lonely if he or she drinks alone, that’s why the same brand mentioned earlier has two branded glasses as their newest marketing merchandise.

Branded Glasses – Marketing Merchandise from Hennessy

Benefits that Consumers Take from It
  • Reasonably Priced. With all honesty, there are individuals who would rather spend on the alcohol instead of a luxurious glass. But because the glasses are part of the on-pack promotion, they immediately see the advantage of getting the latter.
  • Exclusivity. A Hennessy gift with purchase comes out only during unique occasions, so they are considered as exclusive freebies. Once you have it though, you can parade it to your gals and pals and bask in the splendor that it offers.
  • Indulgence.  Cognacs are unlike beers that are easily found in wine stores or aisles. They are very special brews, and not all brands make them. Hence, it is more appropriate to drink cognac from Hennessy’s promo gift.

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