Shiseido stands out with their exotic Marketing Gift!

Shiseido is a major Japanese hair care and cosmetic producer. It is one of the most popular cosmetic brands around the world. This time round with every purchase of two or more skincare products, customers will stand to receive an exclusive cosmetic bag as a free marketing gift! So hurry up and get yours today, while stocks last!

Shiseido Marketing Gift - Cosmetic Pouch

Cosmetic pouch is an evergreen marketing gift!

Cosmetic pouches have never ceased to be one of the top favorite marketing gifts of all time. Regardless of the company size or brand, almost all cosmetic brands would have given away a cosmetic pouch for at least once in their entire business operation. It is a perfect marketing gift that could best represent their cosmetic business and products. When companies offer a cosmetic pouch, customers could easily connect the dots and link that specific brand to a cosmetic business. This forms a lasting connection that helps to build brand awareness and boost brand recall!

How to attract sales with this marketing gift?

First of all, companies should always come up with an attractive design to provoke interest and attention. For instance, Shiseido has come up with a very chic and exotic looking cosmetic pouch. This pouch has utilized a crocodile skin-like material to give it a very classy and trendy look. The overall bronze colour also gives it a higher perceived value than any other ordinary cosmetic pouch. On top of that, this marketing gift would also work well as a clutch bag. With its chic design, it is suitable for almost all occasion. Therefore, product appearance is definitely one of the most important elements when it comes to a marketing gift. Companies should utilize designs that will appeal to women and encourage them to make purchase. Ultimately, it would definitely boost sales and revenue.

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Borghese Marketing Product improves brand loyalty!

Borghese is an Italian based manufacturer that focuses on skincare and make up. It is a popular cosmetic brand that focuses on both classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility. This time round, Lord and Taylor is offering a cosmetic pouch as a free marketing product for every $19 purchase of Borghese product!
Marketing product - cosmetic pouch

Cosmetic pouch has always been a popular option when it comes to a choice of marketing product. It has been used by many well known cosmetic brands like OlayAvon and many more . Regardless of the brand or the company size, these pouches still remain as one of the top gift choices! Want to know why it is so well-loved? Well read on to find out more!

Benefits of using cosmetic pouches as a free marketing product

It would be rare for a woman to only own one or two types of skincare product. Not to mention the amount of cosmetic that one has at home. Cosmetic pouches are useful as it helps to keep our products neat and tidy. It is also especially convenient when one has to always be on the go. This makes it an evergreen marketing product that is always being used by many cosmetic companies. As such, a cosmetic pouch is definitely an ideal gift to attract sales. It is a practical gift that will certainly ensure customers will use it on a regular basis.

Borghese’s cosmetic pouch has a simple design that is chic and eye-catching at the same time. Not to mention it is pretty compact and fits perfectly for a woman’s bag. It wouldn’t take up much space thus increasing its utility value. Instead of using it as a cosmetic pouch, it could also be used a clutch bag to hold all your personal belongings. It has a great design which could be use for almost all occasion.

Borghese has also included their brand name onto this cosmetic pouch. Branding a marketing product will not only improve brand recall but also brand loyalty. So whenever customer uses this cosmetic pouch, they will be reminded of Borghese. And subconsciously they will make a repurchase of Borghese products! So come out with your own design and improve your brand loyalty with this practical marketing product!

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A stylish and sophisticated Marketing Gift for all Men

Bags are definitely one of the more popular options when it comes to a marketing gift. Reason being bags are useful and of great value. Here we see Lords and Taylors giving away a free Calvin Klein Eternity men’s duffle bag with the purchase of a large Eternity men’s fragrance spray. This is definitely an exclusive offer that one shouldn’t miss! An offer like this is a good buy as duffle bags generally perceive a higher value than any other ordinary bags. So get yours today, while stock last!
Marketing Gift - Duffle Bag

How may this Marketing Gift attract more sales?

Firstly, a good bag design is always a good start. It is a common trait for consumers to go after items that are functional and look good at the same time. Using this advantage, it would be easy to attract sales when your company knows how to beautify your marketing gift. Take for example; Calvin Klein’s duffle bag has a very stylish and sophisticated design. It is suitable for guys who want to look cool and create their own fashion statement.

This duffle bag uses its stylish design to provoke interest and curiosity. And ultimately, it would attract customers and generate sales for the company. Besides its high perceived value, this duffle bag also possesses a high utility value. It is big and spacious enough to fit any large and bulky items.

The embossed Calvin Klein logo makes it an even more attractive marketing gift. Who wouldn’t want to receive a branded bag that is free of charge? When branded with Calvin Klein’s brand name, this would also increase their brand awareness. Branding your marketing gift would also increase brand recall and facilitate advertising. When consumers remember your brand, they would make repeated purchases and this would drive sales and revenue for both Calvin Klein and Lord and Taylors. 

Promote a good cause with Giorgio Armani’s Gift with Purchase!

Giorgio Armani is an international Italian fashion house which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion goods. This summer Lord and Taylors is offering an Armani Tap water bottle as a free gift with purchase for every purchase of Giorgio Armani fragrance collection, Aqua Di Gio or Aqua Di Gioa. On top of that, $1 will be donated to the Tap water project whenever a bottle is successfully given away. As such, customers would not only be receiving a free gift with purchase but also at the same time doing a good deed whenever they make a purchase of Giorgio Armani fragrance collection.

Giorgio Armani Gift with Purchase - Water bottle

Why did Giorgia Armani chose to use this water bottle as a free Gift with Purchase?

First of all, no doubt that this free gift with purchase has a high utility value. Water bottles are practical gifts that are suitable for all age group. It can be used for school, work, sports or any other occasion. Therefore, a water bottle definitely makes a sensible gift.

Furthermore, this water bottle has a cool design that would attract customers and improve sales. With a nice design, people will be interested in this bottle and take notice of the brand. In addition, when branded with Giorgio Armani’s brand name this gift with purchase would act as a free advertising agent that constantly advertises the brand. This is an inexpensive way to improve brand recognition and brand awareness.

Customers who are unaware of this promotion would also be encouraged to purchase Giorgio Armani’s fragrance collection in order to get their hands on one of these cool water bottles. Besides that, whenever customers use this water bottle they would be reminded of this popular fashion brand. And ultimately it will boost brand recall and increase sales in the long run.

A gift with Purchase that serves a greater purpose

This water bottle is an initiative that serves a good cause. The donations from these water bottles would be used to fund Unicef’s TAP project. It is a meaningful project that aims to provide 30 million days of clean water for children around the world. With this charitable act, it will not only help the less fortunate but also help to improve Giorgio Armani’s corporate social responsibility.

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Cosmetic Pouch Gift with Purchase by Estee Lauder

Lord and Taylors is offering a free cosmetic pouch for any Estee Lauder purchase of $45 or more. This cosmetic pouch is a great promotional product for any cosmetic brand. Customers can use it regularly to store all their cosmetics and accessories. Read on to find out how this cosmetic pouch can be used as an effective gift with purchase.

Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase - Cosmetic Pouch

Why is this cosmetic pouch used as a free Gift with Purchase?

This cosmetic pouch is said to be a very practical gift for all ladies. Customers can use it on a daily basis especially when they have to be constantly on the go.  It can be used to store make up for touch up or travelling purposes. This cosmetic pouch also comes in a very compact size that fits perfectly in any hand carrier. It is a convenient and portable pouch that customers would appreciate and use regularly.

Also, the exterior of the cosmetic pouch is designed with a very attractive pattern. Instead of using it as a cosmetic pouch, customers can also use it as a clutch to store all their personal belongings. It can be carried out for all occasion as customers will not have to shy away from its trendy and chic design.

How can this cosmetic pouch improve sales?

Customers feel happy when they receive something for free. As such by offering a branded cosmetic pouch, this gift with purchase would entice customers to buy more Estee Lauder products for a free cosmetic pouch.

Besides that, the zipper of the cosmetic pouch has been branded with Estee Lauder’s brand logo. This would serve as a constant reminder that increases brand recall. Customers would be reminded of Estee Lauder as they would see this logo whenever they open or close the pouch. Thus, branding is definitely an inexpensive way to build up your brand loyalty and increase sales for the company in the time to come. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with your own cosmetic pouch today!

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Stay cool with Milo’s Easy Cool custom bottle promotion!

Milo is a chocolate and malt beverage that is popular in many parts of the world. Produced by Nestle, it was originally developed in Australia. And now this delicious drink is being marketed and sold in many countries around the world. Nestle Singapore is currently offering a free shaker bottle with every purchase of Milo Easy Cool! This custom bottle is an exclusive August promotion that could be found at any Singapore NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold storage and selected provision shops. So hurry up and get yours today!
Milo custom bottle promotion - Easy Cool Shaker bottle

How Milo increase sales with this custom bottle?

First of all, this custom shaker bottle is a very relevant promotional product. Milo has utilized a promotional gift that can be put in use with their Easy Cool product. Since Easy Cool allows you to make Milo with cold water, a plastic shaker bottle is definitely applicable for cold drinks!

In addition to that, this custom bottle is also very convenient. For instance, instead of using a spoon to dissolve the powder a shaker bottle allows one to just shake the bottle and your drink is well mixed. Besides that, it also makes drinking Milo even more fun and interactive! Therefore, while looking for a promotional product try to find something that can best bring out your product.

Customize your own shaker bottle!

Bottles are highly customizable. You can design it in any way you want and add in any other features to increase its functional values. The bottles can be customize after all your branding needs and desire as well. Adding your logo onto the bottles would improve brand recall and brand recognition. For example, Milo has imprinted their logo and utilized their brand colour, green in this shaker bottle. These little elements serve as a constant reminder that will continue to advertise Milo even long after it has been received. So whenever customers are about to use this custom bottle, the logo and brand color would immediately remind them of Milo. As such, this would encourage them to make a repurchase of Milo’s products. So start customizing your own bottle today!

Marigold's Custom Tote Bag for this Summer!

Marigold has been the leading provider of wholesome and nutritious products for almost 50 years. Some of their popular products include Marigold HLmilk, Marigold peel fresh, Marigold Yoghurt and many more. This time round, Marigold Singapore is offering a free tote bag for the purchase of 2 clusters of Marigold Jelly or Pudding products. This promotion is only available at all Singapore major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets. So hurry down now while stocks last!

Marigold's Custom Tote Bag for this Summer!

Custom tote bag is a popular marketing gift!

Tote bags make a great promotional gift because it has a high utility value that allows customers to use it over and over again. Therefore, customers would definitely not mind getting one as a free marketing gift. Marigold’s custom tote bag comes in 6 colours. It is big and spacious enough to store all your belongings. On top of that, it is also light and convenient to carry around. Tote bags are also more durable. It is definitely better off than plastic bags or paper bags that break easily. So considering all these functional values, tote bags are definitely a gift that customers would appreciate and use regularly.

Custom tote bag offers a large branding surface!

Tote bags have a large surface area that could be used effectively for branding purposes. With this advantage on hand, companies could imprint their logo and brand name onto it. This increases brand recall and encourages customers to make a repurchase of your products. And by imprinting your brand name, these tote bags would become a prefect advertising agent that continues to advertise your brand long after they have been received. As such, whenever customers walk on the streets with this tote bag, they are also advertising Marigold’s brand. Therefore, it is definitely an inexpensive way to advertise and improve brand awareness! So customize your own tote bag today!

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