Promotional Gift by MISA Travel - Luggage Tag

MISA Travel is giving away a promotional travel luggage tag with any purchase of air ticket, hotel, resort, package or land tour! Simply head down to MISA travel to redeem your promotional gift! This promotion is only available on a first come first serve basis, it is while stocks last!

Who is MISA Travel?

MISA Travel is an online travel store that covers all aspects of travel from land to sea to air, offering a variety of travel products and value-added services. With over 18 years of experience and numerous accolades under its wing, MISA Travel provides an array of flights, hotels, cruises and anything you could ever imagine for that perfect holiday.

The MISA Luggage Tag

The MISA luggage tag allows travelers to write their contact details on a slip of paper that is enclosed in the tag. It is great for travelling as attaching a luggage tag to the traveller’s luggage or backpack will help in identification purposes. It contains the traveler’s contact information and allows them to identify their luggage easily.

How does the Luggage Tag benefit MISA travel?

MISA Travel has branded its logo and website on the luggage tag to increase brand awareness as well as brand recall. With brand recall, it aids in repeat purchases with the agency which in turn increases sales for MISA Travel. This luggage tag also helps to spark brand awareness. With the website printed on the luggage tag, travelers will be able to take down the website and choose to travel under MISA Travel agency for their subsequent trips.

There are more promotional gifts offered by MISA Travel, an example is the MISA passport holder.

Promotional Stainless Steel Flask

These are old products, but have you ever thought to use them as promotional product? These are stainless steel flask. They are good in keeping beverage from water to wine. Being flat it is convenient to carry this around. What is more important, you can customize it to suit your customers.

Take a look at the pink flask. The material used for this is synthetic leather. Some accessories are added such as the shiny stone and the plate. This design has made the product looking sweet and girly. You can use other material to wrap this flask to give them the desired look. Also different materials will contribute to the perceived value of the product.

You can also use artwork instead as the design to catch some attention, just like the OMG flask. You can put in your slogan there. Or if you are a charitable organisation, you can write your cause on it. Another way is to get licensed artwork. This will definitely increase the perceived value of the product. You will also be able to tap on the huge fan base of the licensed character. All you need is customization and any product will look interesting. ODM can assist you to brainstorm for your next promotional campaign.

Promotional Gift Idea: Poncho in Novel Ball Shape

Other than umbrellas, ponchos are a great way to keep dry during rainy days. Check out these ponchos in novel ball shapes!

These ponchos are conveniently packed into a ball. This makes it easy and handy to carry it anywhere. The balls come in novel shapes, such as soccer, tennis and basketball. This makes it eye-catching and you may brand your logo on it to increase brand awareness. The ball also has a plastic key ring to attach on your bag so you can use it as a decoration accessory and poncho, killing two birds with one stone. What do you think of this promotional idea?

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Subscription Gifts to increase magazine sales

Check out this great promotional product, a gift with subscription offer from Cook Vegetarian in the UK.   These exquisite serving bowls, decorated with a nice coloured glazing, will certainly be a winner on the dinner tables of proud vegetarians in the UK.

What other promotional products would you recommend for Vegetarian cuisine.   See comments and add your voice.

Magazines are a major market segment in the promotional products industry.   What are magazines offering in your country - we would love to hear.

Also, check out previous subscription offer from this magazine.

How to Put Logos on Marketing Gifts

There are many different ways of putting logos on your marketing gifts. Branding your promotional products with your logo will increase brand awareness and boost brand recall. Read on for a breakdown of the different methods of placing logos on incentive products!

One way is by debossing your product, where an image is pushed into the surface of an item, leaving a deep impression on the surface. Items made of genuine leather, such as a bag or wallet, can be debossed best.

Next, we have a foil stamp, which is a permanent image that looks shiny and smooth. It can be done on most promotional items made from leather, vinyl, card, paper and plastics. Foil stamp comes in many range of colours like gold, silver, black or anything metallic.

And now we have embroidery. This method is mostly used on apparel, caps and bags, usually on items made from fabric. It is sewn onto a product by a computerized machine, resulting in the logo being applied in a series of coloured threads.

Besides that, there is etching. Logos are etched onto crystal or glass products. A photographic process etches a film mask into the product.

Also, laser engraving is normally applied on metal or silver products, such as metal pens, desk accessories, travel mugs and and some wooden and leather products. A laser burns the surface of the product to reveal the logo.

On top of that, screen printing is used for products such as apparel, leather and PU products and your logo is printed in your corporate colours using a screen. The logo can be printed in 4 or more colours depending on the surface of your product.

Lastly, sublimination print is whereby the image is dyed permanently onto the surface. It is used to imprint pictures and messages on an array of items, such as mouse pads, mugs and garments.

With an array of methods of putting your logo on your marketing gifts, don’t you think that this is a great way to promote your brand? Feel free to check out our sister blogs for case studies on marketing gifts:

Promo Gift Idea - Monopoly Umbrella

You think that Promotional Umbrellas are boring because they all look the same and have no special design?
Then we can show you an example of an umbrella that is anything but boring which uses the Monopoly license!

This umbrella is very unique and will definitely attract the attention of other people on the streets. You can also brand your company logo on this umbrella to gain an additional marketing effect.   Especially companies which are related to gambling or any kind of games should think about this promotional product. It could be a good opportunity to find new customers and to increase the sales.

All in all, this umbrella will definitely make an impression on potential customers and help you to make the company more popular.  Speak to our design team to get a custom design that would work for your market.

Why not check out this Promotional Products Special Offer from ODM?   Another great concept to get more bang from your marketing buck!

Nivea Christmas Promotional Set

Check out this special promotional Christmas product by Nivea in Germany...

The triangle shape is very easy, but the design makes the packaging so special, that it looks like a Christmas tree. The Nivea Christmas set contains two creams, one body milk and one Christmas tree ball, which is related to the packaging's shape.

When considering about starting a promotional campaign for Christmas it is really worth it thinking about using such a kind of product. It is a good way to strengthen brand awareness and will also let the people connect Christmas with Nivea products.

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What other Promotional Products sets have you seen with Christmas Tree style packaging?

Pureen Shopping Bag and Kids Cap Promotion

Pureen offered two special promotional items at the Kuala Lumpur Conventien Centre at Hall 4. If you purchase 60 RM or more in Pureen products you get a free Pureen Shopping bag. But it is not only a usual shopping bag. The four differnt shopping bags are unique designed and especially appeal to children.
The other possibility is to purchase 150 RM or more in Pureen products and you will get a free Pureen Kids Cap.


This promotion is really good because the gifts with purchase are so cute. Also the unique designs make the products very special which is another reason why people should buy Pureen products.

We love the kids caps!   Why not check out Crumple Caps as a great and safe baseball cap alternative.

Lipton Cool Promo Mug

In its recent promotion Lipton has used this great chalkboard mug as an on-pack gift. It is a a standard coffee mug with a chalkboard glaze that you can write and draw on
The mug features Lipton corporate colors, which will enhance brand awareness for the company.

Promotional Idea - Pocket Shots

Just look at this greatest item, suitable for all kinds of promotions! It's a pocket shot - a new single serve alcohol product in a pouch!

This is an innovative concept that provides the clients with a really convenient package for alcoholic drinks. And, it perfectly fits with an active and on-the-go lifestyle.

Oltermanni Promotional Products

Oltermanni, a brand of Valio, is running another promotion in Russia. Simply buy a promotional pack of Oltermanni cheese and enter the unique codes from the packaging on the website. Collect codes/coupons and redeem different promotional products

  • 3 codes to get a cheese container
  • 6 codes for a cheese cutter
  • 12 codes for an umbrella.

This promotion could have been more effective with a little bit more branding. The company logo can be easily printed on all these promotional items to boost brand recognition and sales!  This is especially so for umbrellas, which could be a free advertising tool as it is carried around.

Other interesting solutions:

Promotional Product - passport wallet

Do you know that travel wallets can make a good promotional gift too? Take a look at this simple one.
Promotional Product - Passport wallet

These items make perfect marketing gift for 2 reasons:

Firstly, it is highly customizable so it can be made from more premium material like nubuck leather. Giving away a high end product like a travel wallet leaves a positive impression on your company. This can also boost your brand image and drive sales too.

Secondly, though it may cost slightly more than simple gifts like card holders, it is bigger, can be designed to carry more items and has a bigger space for your company to brand the product. Putting your company logo is crucial to encourage brand recall whenever the wallet is in use.  

Of course, you can also opt for cost effective versions of this item like travel wallets made up of PU or smaller ones with lesser compartments. Nevertheless, this would be a good gift for travel agencies or airline firms!

Promotional Products - Amazing Branded Figurines

I was walking around Mong Kok in Hong Kong when I spotted this amazing selection of figurines through a shop glass. As you can see on the picture below, all these licensed characters were staring at me from Marvel stars to Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seiya warriors, they were all here!

This shop was the collector's paradise and a figurine is always a very cool promotional gift to offer. A lot of companies are giving away (or selling) their mascot's plastic figurine to promote their brand.
It's an original way to ensure a good brand recall and, in the long run, drive sales...

If you have any other ideas or if you need information, feel free to contact us!

Huddle House Promo Gift - High Rise Challenge Cap

Restaurant chain, Huddle House, are giving away a free High Rise Cap to anyone who can complete their High Rise Challenge!
The High Rise Challenge is a food eating challenge held by the Huddle House. It consists of multiple courses of overloaded plates with bacon, eggs, waffles and other assorted fried foods. If you can finish this ridiculous amount of food (on your own) then the High Rise Cap is yours to keep!
Huddle House Promo Gift - High Rise Cap
This is a great promotional gift from Huddle House, that entices people to take their High Rise Challenge. Besides you get about 5 meals worth for the price of less than 2!

Check out a challenge winner in this Youtube video.
Hat are easily customised to your needs, whether the shape of size or branding it with your logo. By branding your hat you can freely advertise your company, in this case through the proud winners of this crazy eating challenge!

Trailrider Promo Gift - Branded Dry Bag

Trailrider, Australian motorcycle racing magazine are offering a free dry bag when you subscribe to their magazine.
Subscibe to Trailrider for 12 months and you will receive a branded Trailrider Dry Bag valued at $44.95 completely free of charge. The dry bag is black with the Trailrider logo written across it in bold red writing.
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag

Bags are a fantastic promotional gift, as you will never not need one! They are easily customisable, to shape and design, and are great to use as an advertising agent to promote your company and brand recognition!
So get your hands on a free dry bag now in this gift with subscription promotion!

Doraemon GWP in Fortress, Hong Kong

I was walking in the ICC shopping center in Hong Kong when I stopped in front of Fortress (electronics and home appliance store). I saw through the shop window a lot of Doraemon branded promotional products.

Promotional Gifts Ideas - Doraemon in Fortress

As you can see, Fortress is currently running a co-branded offer with Doraemon, proposing their client :
  • Towels
  • Toiletry bags
  • Pencil cases
  • Tea pots
  • Bowls, mugs, glasses and jars
  • Umbrellas
  • Plushes
  • Notebooks
Actually whatever is the amount of your purchase in the store, you can get one of these promotional gift. That's a very good way to drive sale, isn't it?

Gift with Pruchase promo for Football.

GWP - Castrol UEFA 2012 Backpack

Motor oil company Castrol have recently had a GWP promotion in conjunction with the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. For every 4L container of Castrol Edge, you received a free limited edition Castrol UEFA Euro 2012 Backpack!

The branded backpack is grey and green with a red stripe.  This promotional gift is a great souvenir for football lovers and you can never have too many bags.

Nanfu Batteries In-pack Promotion

Nanfu Batteries is currently conducting Gift with Purchase promotions in Zhuhai stores. With various brands on this market, we can spot all kinds of On Pack Gifts that are aimed at encouraging sales.
Nanfu Batteries offer two types of promotional gifts. The first one is a small torch, that will come in handy when one is travelling, for example. 
Nanfu Batteries In-Pack Promotion 

The other one is a key ring in a shape of a car from the Cars movie. In this case, Nanfu Batteries has adopted a perfect marketing strategy buying the license to use this movie character in order to make its battery pack into a real incentive product 
Nanfu Batteries Promotional Keyring 
These promotional products may seem simple, but they are an ideal promotional solution for small items.
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And here is a brief summary of this promotion for our Chinese followers:

南孚电池提供两种促销赠品。 第一种是一个小型手电筒,居家旅行的必备物品,易于使用携带。


Nivea Russia Promotion

Nivea is generously offering lots of promotional gifts for its customers in Russia.  Simply spend 170 roubles and above on Nivea products and receive a special card with your first sticker. For every following purchase worth 170 roubles, you will get these stickers. That is, if the total of your purchase is above 340 roubles, you will be given 2 stickers, if it's above 510 roubles - 3 stickers, etc. The more stickers you have, the greater prizes you get! For 3 stickers you will receive a headband. To get a travel bag you need 5 stickers and a transformer bag is worth 7 stickers. 

Promotional Items by Nivea, Russia

The items are customized by matching Nivea’s signature colours. In terms of utility, all the items will come in handy for all ladies. The design simplicity helps to cut down on expenses at the same time adding to the perceived value of the Nivea products.

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In a nutshell about this promo for our Russian followers:

Покупайте средства по уходу за кожей лица и тела «Nivea», собирайте наклейки и получайте стильные призы: дорожную сумку, повязку на волосы или сумку-трансформер! 

Lancome GWP Russia - Promotional Bracelet

The famous make-up brand, Lancome, is offering its Russian customers a fantastic bracelet for every purchase over 1000 roubles. With a small trinket in a shape of lipstick it looks really charming. Taking into account that women are the target consumers of this brand, this promotion is sure to succeed.

These bracelets are limited in number, which will contribute to the boosting of sales for Lancome . In addition, this promotional campaign ends on the 31st of July, so apparently those who want this fashionable bracelet should hurry!

Explore some other cosmetics brands and their promotions: 
A short summary of this promotional campaign for our Russian readers:

У вас есть уникальный шанс стать обладателем очаровательного браслета от Lancome. Для этого необходимо совершить покупку в магазинах Иль-де-Ботэ  на сумму от 1000 рублей и браслет Ваш! Данное предложение, несомненно, покажется привлекательным для всех поклонниц косметики Lancome

Promotional gifts by Picnic, Russia

Promotional Products are being currently offered by Picnic in Russia. A lucky promo code is hidden within each pack and all Russian customers now have a chance to win different prizes.

According to the rules of this promo campaign, you have to send an SMS with the promo code to 1500. A computer then randomly chooses a winning number every hour to see who gets one of three promotional items: a watch, a USB flash drive or the headphones. 

Picnic promotion, Russia

As you can see from the picture above that all gifts are perfectly designed. The colours used are the main colours of the brand. We can also notice strong logo positioning. Since the prizes are limited in number this promotion is extremely enticing.

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Here’s a summary for our Russian readers:

Акция «PICNIC. Набит призами!» направлена на стимулирование продаж  шоколадных батончиков PICNIC . Все что от Вас требуется - это отправить смс-сообщение на короткий номер 1500, и Вы получаете шанс выиграть один из трех промо-подарков (часы, наушники или флеш-диск USB с фирменной символикой). Главный приз - планшетный ПК!

KFC and Pepsi Russian Promotional Campaign

This promotion gives everybody a chance to win a glowing ball from Pepsi! Simply buy a 0.8 l drink at KFC  in Russia to get a Scratch n Win Card. The promotional campaign will be on till the 25th of July.

Scratch'n'Win Promo by KFC and Pepsi, Russia
This promotional campaign is sure to succeed, since we all love surprises. Knowing that there is a chance to win prizes, customers will rush to have a meal at KFC. That is why the sales will increase  significantly.

The fact that this promotional campaign is held in collaboration with Pepsi only makes it more appealing and thus encourages purchase.
A brief description of this campaign in Russian:

KFC совместно с Pepsi проводит новую промо-акцию - с 05 июня по 25 июля  покупая напиток объемом 0,8 л., Вы получаете скретч карту. Под защитным слоем может быть указан приз - бутылка Пепси Гооол 0,6 л, светящийся футбольный мяч или даже поездка в Санкт-Петербург на встречу с Андреем Аршавиным. Перечисленные подарки действительно уникальны, поэтому эта акция заинтересует каждого, кто хоть немного 
интересуется футболом. 
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