Gift Idea Portable Light Globes

This portable light globe would be a great and fun marketing gift! There are many uses of the light globe such as marketing events, as freebies for outdoor events, and offering it as a marketing gift. The different color lights in are fun and eye catching. The portability of the light globe allows people to carry it around with them.  

Marketing Gift Idea- Portable Light Globes

When it comes to branding opportunities the globe makes a great one, as logos and slogans can easily be printed on the globe. Since the globe is lights up, it will certainly bring attention and visibility to your brand, which in turn will increase brand awareness. You can even customize the colors of the portable light globe to match your corporate theme. The coherency of the gift outlook with your company's image will ensure customers can identify with your brand. If given away as a gift, your customers will feel appreciate, which makes them more likely to recommend your brand or make repeat purchases in the future.

Promotional Neon Clutch and Lens Case Kit !

FreshKon Singapore is running a promotion during the Spring season! The cosmetic contact lens company is offering a stylish neon clutch and a lens case kit for free, with the purchase of any promotional set. The neon clutch and lens case kit make the perfect combination for a gift with purchase campaign..

Neon Clutch and Lens Case Kit by FreshKon

Spring is all about vibrant colors and FreshKon is offering the clutches in the season's trendy color, which is lime green and hot pink. Since their target market are females who wear cosmetic lenses, they look for gifts that will appeal to their main customers. You can do the same for your company if your target market are females. The clutch is appealing in design and also a useful item for everyday use. You can utilize the flat and large surface area in printing your company logo, thus, increasing brand visibility and awareness.

In addition, contact lens case as a promotion gift relates to FreshKon's business. If you are in the optical and eye ware industry, you can consider customizing lens case kit such as FreshKon. The bold animal prints and different colors are such fun items to have for Spring!

Makeup Tote by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is offering a free canvas make up bag with any large fragrance purchase. The make up bag is a mini variation of Marc Jacob's classic canvas tote collections. Their fans would love to receive this because it is not available for sale in retail. Shoppers who purchase their perfumes might be persuaded to purchase their handbag collections when receiving the make up tote for free.

The canvas tote, be it a make-up pouch or bag, can be used for customized printing. You can choose variety of colors when bleaching the canvas. Adding logos and designs to the bag's large and flat surface area will increase branding visibility. This improves brand awareness when the carrier is using the canvas tote as your brand will be expose to others.  The canvas tote is a low cost advertising tool that is efficient in promoting your brand and product.

Frozen merchandise, 7-Eleven Hong Kong

A purchase with purchase (PWP) campaign was spotted at 7-Eleven Hong Kong using Frozen merchandise. 7-Eleven offered  a range of items such as Frozen plush toys, table lamps, watches, plastic files and canvas totes. They are riding on Frozen's popularity in selling the items. Your company can consider using multiple marketing gifts for your GWP or PWP campaigns as done by 7-Eleven.

In using multiple gifts, you can target various customers of different interest. If  you are offering only one item, a table lamp as PWP for example, you are targeting a smaller group that might be interested. Your customer may not be motivated to pay extra for the table lamp if they do not see a value in it. By offering multiple products, customers have a range of choice in choosing something they like. You can offer products ranging from high-end/premium gifts, to lower-end novelty gifts. As seen from the 7-Eleven campaign,  shoppers that are interested with the watch can choose to pay HK$168, else they can opt for cheaper items  like cotton buds for HK$6.Items such as table lamps, canvas totes and plush toys are ideal for branding as well. You can customize the products by using your company color and logos.

Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder

This product is a cute cartoon tooth brush holder which is multi-functional. If you are looking for a marketing gift targeting younger audience, you can keep this tooth brush holder in mind!

 Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder 

Your target audience will find this gift attractive because:
  • The cartoon design is quirky and attractive. 
  • It is multi-functional where you can remove the top cap and use it as rinsing cup. Users can keep their tooth paste and tooth brushes inside the holder.
  • It is convenient for travelling.
  • You can use it keep other items such as stationary or sunglasses 
  • For younger audience, they can collect the cartoon tooth brush holder and play with it as toys.

 Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder 
Benefits of cute cartoon toothbrush holder as marketing gift:

  • Your customers will make an impulse purchase as they are attracted to the gift. Thus, leading to increase sales and revenue!
  • The plastic material is FDA approved and cheap to produce. It is ideal for low cost advertising and marketing campaign.
  • You can customize branding with your company logo on the cup holder. It has a sufficiently large surface area for branding purposes. With that, your customers will constantly be exposed to your brand and retained in their memory.
  • Customers will feel delighted with the gift and will choose your product if price point is similar to your competitors. The additional gift will stretch their dollar if they have to pay the same price for the same product.

Mother's Day Jewelry Travel Case

This promotional jewelry case stems from Pandora USA marketing campaign for mother's day. Their customers are eligible for a free jewelry travel case worth US$250 with purchase of US$200 on their selected charm bracelets.
Mother's Day Jewelry Travel Case
This marketing gift is aesthetically appealing and comes in handy for customers to keep their jewelry. The travel case helps to preserve and protect the expensive product . It can be reused for many occasions and last for a very long time. Customers will be happy to receive this marketing gift as the retail value of the travel case is higher than their required minimum purchase.

Your company can consider using a jewelry travel case as a gift for your next marketing campaign. You can customize it by choosing the type of materials for the case. Also, materials such as leather or metal will give it a higher-end finish. Besides, your company's  logo and slogan can be engraved or embossed on the travel case. The large and  flat branding area of the case  will undoubtedly increase brand awareness Customers are very likely to remember your brand name when seeing it on the case.

USB Cuff Links as Giveaway

Offering an innovative gift is often helpful in boosting your marketing campaign. Cuff links that are customized can add a personal touch to one's style. Here's a new premier cuff link collection that doubles as a USB flash drive for storing documents.

USB cuff links
A unique gift to your customers will make your company more memorable. This attractive giveaway will definitely impress current and potential customers. Thus, capturing attention for your marketing campaign.

When you look at the USB cuff links, the silver finish on the metal appears high end and luxurious. You can choose a different color finish such as gold or gunmetal to be crafted on the metal base. Engraving your company logo adds a touch of simplicity to the gleaming design. Customers will find this giveaway unique as it comes in handy for storing data and as an accessory.

The USB cuff links conceals a mini router which allow users to use their personal Wi-Fi from their smartphones and other wireless devices. Software can be downloaded by plugging the cuff link into the computer's USB port. Your customers can now store data and not lose their USB easily!

Promotional Event Gift - Letter Pouch & Ecobag

Innisfree have been running a marketing campaign called the Green Event party. Innisfree is a South Korean company selling eco-friendly beauty products. They have been consistently running green campaigns such as recycling and educating youth.

In conjunction with their online store opening, the company is giving away free letter pouch and ecobags for their customers.
Letter pouch as promotional gift
Reusable bags are an ideal gift for customers who support the company's philosophy in eco-friendliness. Since they are actively running green campaign, the marketing gift will encourage customers to go green as well. Innisfree is showing their effort  consistently in protecting the environment. Such high corporate responsibility will impress current and potential customers.

Ecobag and card wallet as promotional gift

The promotion gifts to customers are highly practical since the bag is reusable. 35 countries have already banned the use of plastic bags and 9 countries are charging shoppers for bags. By giving environment friendly gifts such as the letter pouch and ecobag will impress your target market.It will change other's behavior by being environmentally conscious.

Branding eco friendly bags & pouch as marketing gifts
Your company logo will be seen by your customers and other people when they carry the gift around. A high brand exposure will  benefit your company in promoting the brand. The large surface area of the bag offers a sufficient branding platform of your logo.  Since the bag is re-usable and can be used for a long time, this allows more customers to come by in the long run. With constant exposure, customers will subconsciously remember your brand and think of you for their next purchase.Branding eco-friendly bags and pouches is an inexpensive promo to be conducted.

Wireless charging pads- Samsung

Samsung released 2 new smartphones early this year for the US market. Best Buy, one of the largest electronic retailer is taking advantage of the release by offering pre-order deals to customers. Best Buy teamed up with mobile carrier T-mobile in offering a free wireless charging pad as a promotional deal. Since every electronic device needs a charger, this is an excellent marketing gift  for a smartphone user. The wireless charging pad is retailing at US$59.99 and such significant deal may entice customers in ordering from Best Buy.

Wireless charging pads as marketing gifts

As you can see, the wireless charging pads are complementing accessories to the smartphone. Your customers can carry this around as it is extremely light and portable.  The sleek and relatively thin design makes it desirable by reducing the need of cable and bulky chargers.

Wireless charging pads

The wireless charging pad can be used in your marketing campaign as it is highly customizable. The colors can be pantone match to your company's theme and logos can be printed on the large, flat and highly visible area .This will increase brand visibility and awareness when given away to your customers. In addition, different types of packaging  can be selected to give certain impressions.You can package it as a high-end giveaway to impress your customers.

Slip on Silicon Spout

Impress your customers with a slip on silicon spout! How will this marketing gift create brand awareness and promote your brand? It is ideal for companies selling home and kitchen appliances as customers will be happy to receive this ingenious spout. Your customers will use them constantly since it is associated with your brand and products you are selling. In your marketing campaign, you can include this as a give away to new customers or PWP (purchase with purchase).

Slip on Silicon Spout
Benefits of this marketing gift to your company:
  • The silicon spout can be customized by printing your company name and logo. Thus increasing brand awareness and visibility.
  • Though the shape cannot be changed, the color can be customized to your company's theme.
  • The silicon is inexpensive and your promotional campaign can be run cheaply.
  • The material can withstand high heat and is safe to be used with hot ingredients.
  • It is an investment in promoting your company when giving it away at trade shows or other forms of marketing event.
We love this product because :
  • It is light weight and durable which makes it easier to carry.
  • It is easy to use as it spout attaches to any thin lipped container.
  • It takes less effort in cleaning.
  • It can be used with hot food and liquid.
  • It is available in different color.
What do you think of this item?

Panda Odor Deodorizer

Colgate Malaysia is launching a new toothpaste called the Colgate Total 12 Charcoal Deep Clean and is giving away a panda odor deodorizer as a gift. 

Panda odor deodorizer
The panda looks adorable compared to a regular plastic deodorizer as it is a plush toy with charcoal embedded. The gift is related to the new toothpaste with a coherent theme as both contains charcoal and removes unpleasant smell.  Since this is a new product, the gift with purchase will enhance sales prospects of the toothpaste. This lovely looking panda is memorable and highly beneficial for a marketing campaign to trigger an impulse purchase.

By running a similar marketing strategy in promoting a new product, you may create a collection of animal deodorizer by appealing to shoppers.It will maximize your promotional efforts without spending a huge amount of money in organizing a launch event since the gift is inexpensive. In addition, consumers will find the satisfaction in stretching their dollar. Remaining consistency in your marketing strategy will indicate which program works for you. This will allow you to measure your results and implement new strategies effectively.

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