Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

The guys have gotten the sweeter end of the deal as they can keep their hair as short as possible without other people batting an eye. For the girls, they still have to manage their long hair with ponytails or bobby pins that are too easy to misplace, or else they will look as if they are witches minus the warty face. To reduce the chances of losing those important hair accessories, here is a branded canister from Lewis & Pearl.

Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

Returns of Making the GWP
  • Nicer Sales. Brands that create useful promotional products find greater number of sales more accessible for them. Because this specific manufacturer has this gift with purchase, they can also see higher profits soon.
  • More Brand Consciousness. The color of the on-pack promotion is very eye-catching. Though it is displayed with many cute items as well, this still stands out and makes many aware of the brand.
  • Better Room for Logo. Anyone can see the name of Lewis & Pearl on the promo gift. This is why the canister is great marketing idea.

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Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

For all the individuals who have always had a soft, warm spot in their hearts for the coffee blends that Nescafé continues to produce, you may be impressed to know that our dear ol’ manufacturer’s promotional products are not bound to differently shaped red mugs anymore. No, they have ventured into tumblers as well and are planning to make consumer experience a hundred times better through it.

Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

Why will customers get the on-pack promotion now?
  1. It insulates heat. The gift with purchase has been constructed in a way that the heat can be maintained inside. Thus, the consumer can still drink hot coffee after some time.
  2. It has catchy tagline. The brand always says in every ad that ‘it all starts with Nescafé’. Since they have these words printed on the free tumbler as well, people will recognize it quickly.
  3. It is good for traveling. Even though the promo gift can keep the hotness of the coffee, the temperature is totally on its external layer. Because of it, its users will not be burned when they bring it on their trips.

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Unilever Marketing Merchandise – Dove Toiletry Organizer

Model houses take pride in their cool furniture and heavily organized fixtures. Truth is, many homeowners strive to have the similar type of orderliness in their own space too, even if they do not get featured in magazines or lifestyle programs. Whereas some succeed, others fail in keeping parts of their residence – specifically the bathroom – systematized. Unilever knows this problem of its consumers, so through the Dove brand they have attached a toiletry organizer in their newest on-pack promotion.

Benefits the Brand Will Be Getting from the Marketing Merchandise
  • Better Brand Awareness. This is the ultimate advantage of using this as a gift with purchase. Even when they run out of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, they can still remember the brand because of the caddy.
  • Bigger Functionality. The free toiletry organizer is crafted from canvas. Rope handles have been added on the sides so that customers can also take it to the beach or elsewhere. This heightens the usefulness of the product, and is therefore an amazing manner to market the brand.
  • Greater Endorsement. Consumers totally get hooked on freebies that have more than one usage. Thus, the promo gift can enable them to personally advertise Dove to their colleagues.

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Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Grooming tools are essential in a woman’s daily life. Her hair cannot be sticking up on one end, the face cannot be oily enough to fry an egg on it, and her clothes should not look like they have just gotten out of the washing machine. She can only make sure that these aspects are well taken care of, of course, if she has a trusty compact mirror to bring everywhere. Check out this one from Bagsy.

Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Which factors can lure consumers to the GWP?
  • The Design. The print on the gift with purchase looks exotic, doesn't it? It is comparable to the image that certain apps produce when you move the subject in and out of focus.
  • The Brand Name. Bagsy is a famous cosmetics manufacturer in Britain. Therefore, a lot of people near the region will find it nice that it has a promo gift prepared for them.
  • The Description. This complimentary compact mirror does not require a whole paragraph to describe the benefits of having it. The words ‘magnifying’, ‘compact’ and ‘mirror’ suffice.

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Competitive Promotion offered by Coca Cola

Coca Cola just advertised with such a nice competitive promotion, where the customers can win different products by buying a refreshment drink and typing the code of it on their website.

Play on a football-table or riding your bike is for many people just as common as putting drinks into the fridge or play with a bean bag and therefore a perfect way to gain attention by your customers. Any of the cans could be a win for you on one of these products.

The opportunity to win such practical and high quality products will attract current and potential customers to buy a drink by Coca Cola and prefer it in the future. This will increase not only your sales, but also the brand awareness and attention to your brand and company during and after your marketing campaign.

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Gift from Watsons – Free Stylish Watches

We have been educated to tell time since we were in pre-school because the elders have known through experience how significant it will be in the future. A student needs to keep track of it in order to finish their exams on schedule; a new office worker cannot be late on their first day at work. Hence, free stylist watches that Watsons wants to offer to its consumers can be beneficial for many.

Gift from Watsons – Free Stylish Watches

Perks of the GWP for the Brand’s Clients
  • Modernized. While old versions of timepieces have numbers, this only has equal-sized lines. Such contemporary promotional merchandise are attractive to the millennials.
  • Convenient. Watsons clearly is not trying to act sophisticated by using leather bracelet that can peel off in time. As they used fabric here, the gift with purchase is providing extra convenience to the customers.
  • Affordable. This is a free promo gift, mind you. Yet, the style and the size of the face of the watch is comparable to the branded ones that amount to more than a hundred dollars in the market.

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Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Manufacturers create a case for practically every single item that has a huge tendency of shattering to pieces when they fall down. Sunglasses, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are a few common examples of objects which have protective coverings designed for them. However, they are not alone on the planet anymore, as Hanae Mori has included a classy pouch for their small perfumes as promo gift.

Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Which benefits can the brand attain from such marketing idea?
  1. Rise in sales. Consumers like free stuff in general. Thus, Hanae Mori can reach their quota faster when they have gift with purchase.
  2. Increase in visibility. In fear of wasting a prized perfume due to carelessness, the owners will surely take the free pouch everywhere. This helps others see the brand name more.
  3. Boost in consumer affection. The reason why many office employees transfer a portion of their fragrances in travel-sized plastic bottles is because they do not want to break the actual glass bottle at work. But the on-pack promotion can secure the product, so the customers can send more love to the brand.

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Thomson Medical offer Maternity Items in Branded Suitcase to Expectant Mothers

As we near the New Year, Healthcare service provider Thomson Medical is offering a special package of Maternity items in a stylish suitcase for expectant mothers in 2017. This promotional set with Confinement Essentials is following in the footsteps of the 2016 Pampering Luggage.

The package of Confinement Essentials is offered to women during post-natal recovery and are returning home. Being a professional in the areas of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics, Thomson Medical knows exactly what new mothers need in the crucial first weeks of motherhood. Conveniently tucked into a Branded Suitcase, which makes it easy to travel with, it contains the following products:

  • 4-Wheeled Cabin Suitcase (22 inch / 56 cm)
  • Thomson Medical’s Confinement Cookbook + Nutritious Recipe Book for Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Hip & Belly Wrap
  • Anti-slip Covered Bedroom Slippers
  • Breast Pads
  • Waterproof Wet Bag
  • Set of Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic Treatment
  • Set of Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream
  • Set of Probiotic Cleansing Mousse, Feminine Mist and Talc-free Powder
  • Feeding Accessories Wash + Wet Wipes
  • Growth Chart + Cupcake Stand
  • Young Parents Magazine
  • Antibacterial Overnight Sanitary Pads (360 mm)
  • Disposable Underpants and Underpads (bed pads)
  • Document Holder + Huaxia Taimaobi Voucher for Thomson Babies
  • Avivia’s MyJoyfulBundle Insurance Plan for Mummy & Baby
All of these items play an important role in the first few weeks of motherhood. It's a very complete set that contains everything to feel more comfortable after giving birth and for getting used to caring for a newborn baby. The set also includes products for the mother's personal care. Pregnancy and labor are an intense journey for the human body, so it can use a bit of pampering afterwards!

The suitcase itself offers a perfect surface for Brand Recognition. There is a big branding space, so the message will literally travel far and wide with the suitcase. It might be taken to airports and train stations, so everywhere in public people will be able to read your message and recognise your brand.

On a page in the Thomson Medical magazine, there was also an advertisement for Similac baby milk powder. They are offering a free sample and a branded bib as a Gift with Purchase. It is always good to have many bibs on hand, so offering one as a Marketing Gift will definitely catch the eye of parents. The logo has a prominent position on the front of the bib, allowing for easy Brand Recall. 

The advantages of offering such a Marketing Gift:

  • Enhances Brand Loyalty: As a healthcare provider, it is important to show patients that they are the number one priority. This will definitely be achieved by offering such a complete Promotional Care Package to send their patients off to the wonderful journey of parenthood. 
  • Brand Awareness: Suitcases are widely used when traveling. If the suitcase is branded, this will have the potential to spread your company name to all corners of the globe. 
  • Additional customers: Parents who have been with Thomson Medical for their pregnancy journey and have received the Confinement Package might tell their friends and family about the complete service and thoughtful promotional gift they received. This might convince more parents-to-be to choose this hospital.
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Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Black Friday, one of the most awaited days in the Americans lives because of marketing products that they can obtain at highly discounted rates, ended not more than two weeks ago. And, for sure, the young and old citizens who have waited in long lines in their respective supermarkets that day cannot get this off their minds easily. Their memory of the said event may even strengthen once they see this GWP from Shiseido.

Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Particular Parts of the Freebie that Customers Like
  • The Shape. Although ladies want a purse where they can dump their essentials, they do not appreciate items that bulk up. That’s why the slimness and wideness of the customized wristlet meets their standards.
  • The Color Combo. Red and black are two solid and dark colors which, if not mixed strategically, can result to cheap-looking promotional merchandise. However, as there are more of the latter than the former in this gift with purchase, it looks so stunning.
  • The Handle. The thin looped strap of the promo gift allows consumers to carry it on their palm or let it dangle on their arm. This can be convenient in certain circumstances.

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Free Stuffed Toy for Superdrug Christmas Promo

If there is something in common with the promotional ideas that various brands can generate for the season when we should all be jolly, it is the mere fact that they are either adorned or fully dominated with the red color. We can never blame them because of this though because even Father Christmas, among other things, is known to wear a matching suit in red. Thus, the stuffed toy of Superdrug will not be out of place.

Special Presents that the Company Can Get in Exchange
  • Higher Profits. Plush promotional products are not all similar in quality, as some manufacturers choose materials that are on the cheaper side. Yet, the top-caliber fabric and other ornaments used for this gift with purchase are so apparent that more sales are likely to come in heaps.
  • Grander Appreciation. While Christmas is the best time for families to be together, this is also a season when their relatives living or working abroad feel the loneliest. Hence, having this huggable, free stuffed toy can hopefully ease their longing a bit.
  • Year-round Recognition. Even though people store their winter clothes away after the holidays, they tend to put memorable stuff in a display case. Considering that the promo gift gives them good vibes, it cannot be forgotten by many.

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Gift with Purchase by Macy’s – Free Plates

In the number of years that you have endured in this lifetime, surely you have encountered various situations wherein the people around you show criticism towards the objects you like buying the most, even though there are probably dozens of the similar kind in your storage space. The typical items we are referring to are shoes, bags and clothes. However, if you stock up on kitchen plates, we seriously think their disapproving words will die down – especially when they find out the items have been given by Macy’s as promotional products.

Gift with Purchase by Macy’s – Free Plates

Wanted Facets of the GWP
  • Uniqueness. We may have been too used to the regular look of this particular dining utensil that other manufacturers have not thought of extending the graphics from end to end. Thanks to this though, Macy’s free plates came out very distinct.
  • Stylishness. Even the long-time creators of plates are not brave enough to innovate with their designs. But this brand has done the unexpected and produced a promo gift that many will love.
  • Handiness. When you live alone, friends and family members will naturally want to visit your place often to check on you. How many will be coming every time, specifically this Christmas, may not always be known to you, so it is good to have as much of this gift with purchase as possible.

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Olay Promotional Travel Bag – P&G POS Display

P&G is one generous manufacturer. Why? It is because without their outstanding chemists and brand managers, our choices for the most reasonably priced personal care and cleaning products will be very limited. Aside from that, the marketing ideas they make use of are far from being deemed as subpar. They actually have velvety Olay travel bag on POS display in Watsons stores now.

Olay Promotional Travel Bag – P&G POS Display

Perks Which Are Within Consumers’ Grasp
  • Comfortability. Going on a trip means you have no other option but to carry all your necessities. The largeness of the promotional travel bag, however, will make packing everything in one place absolutely stress-free.
  • Practicality. Once you are tired of holding the bag with the top handles, there is a long strap available so you can wear it on your shoulder. The hooks for this strip is even visible on the sides of the promo gift.
  • Luxury. Admit it or not, weekend bags crafted from thin cloth materials already cost more than 30 dollars, irrespective of their brand name. Yet, this gift with purchase is more luxurious than all of them and is as free as it can be.

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Free Umbrella – Promo Gift from Tavernello

Imagine that this is your first day at work, and you have woken up a couple of hours before you are supposed to out of sheer excitement to look your best for the job, and then while you are waiting for the cab on the side of the street it suddenly rained. Would you: a) curse the heavens for its bad timing; or b) stomp your feet and cry out loud? Neither can change the fact though that you have been careless enough to forget your umbrella, that’s why you are drenched like that. Hence, you will be readier next time once you obtain the on-pack promotion from Tavernello.

Free Umbrella – Promo Gift from Tavernello

Cheering Characteristics of the GWP
  • Small. Umbrellas that have long, curved handles only suit the style of the Kingsmen nowadays. Mary Poppins may even prefer the smallness of this promo gift if it was available during her time.
  • Foldable. Since the free umbrella can be folded, it fits in most shoulder bags or backpacks. Therefore, where to store it is not an issue for the consumers.
  • Helpful. Despite the foldability of the gift with purchase, it offers the same benefits as the larger ones. The owner may even be able to share the promotional merchandise with another person.

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Branded Keychain – Marketing Idea from Versace

The size of an object is indirectly proportional to its importance in human lives. Yards and yards of fabrics can be beautiful, but they are still of no use to anyone unless a tailor turns them into curtains, duvets, or clothes. On the contrary, a key can be as small as our thumb, but if we misplace it we will not be able to get into our car or house. The only solution we see fit for the latter is to always attach the keys to a keychain like the GWP from Versace.

Branded Keychain – Marketing Idea from Versace

Recompenses that Versace Provides to Customers
  1. It grabs attention. Gold seeks more attention than silver in general. Thus, the branded keychain can help the owners to find their keys easily.
  2. The branding technique is new. Manufacturers typically use two-dimensional logos or brand names on their promo gift. However, Versace’s logo is three-dimensional, so it is very unique.
  3. The logo needs no label. The brand has been in the fashion industry for decades. They are banking on this fact when they created the gift with purchase. For the consumers, when their colleagues see this, they can recognize the keychain’s origin immediately too.

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Promotional Beaker by Absolut Vodka

Scientists, like chess or computer geniuses, always get stereotyped as part of the nerd crowd probably because they know a lot about chemicals or anatomy more than any regular person who does a different job. Yet, in this way of stereotyping them, lesser people see that having a lab nerd for a friend can be fun too. In fact, if you gift this Absolut Vodka beaker to them, they may be able to brew a new drink for you.

Promotional Beaker by Absolut Vodka

What appreciable things did the brand do to the in-pack promotion?
  1. Enlarged the Beaker. Advertising products similar to the glassware can hold up to a liter of liquid. Absolut did well with this gift with purchase because the beverage consumers can concoct with friends will not be limited.
  2. Printed the Logo.  Another marketable point of the promotional beaker is that it carries the logo of the brand. No one will mistake it as a freebie from a different company now.
  3. Stayed with Clear Glass. Absolut obviously likes to contain their vodka in clear bottles as a manner to advertise the brand. Thus, it is nice that the promo gift is in line with this ideal.

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Customized Mug – GWP from Swiss Miss

While there are students or workers who cannot function properly in the morning if they cannot consume a hearty breakfast, there are also many whose stomach are not used to needing to work at the wee hours and therefore make them feel a bit sick. However, if solids are not for everyone at this time of the day, then perhaps we can tempt you with hot cocoa in a steaming mug from Swiss Miss?

Customized Mug – GWP from Swiss Miss

Fantastic Advantages of Making a Customized Mug
  • Well-spotted Brand Name. The Swiss Miss logo in front of the promo gift hold the exact length and width that consumers cannot miss. This makes a lot of people aware of the brand.
  • Complementing Colors. Brown-eyed girls are advised to use shades of blue for eye makeup because they balance each other. Since the gift with purchase is dark blue and the chocolate is brown, the same principle can apply to it.
  • Higher Product Relevance. This on-pack promotion goes well with the main product of Swiss Miss. Thus, how the manufacturers market the brand is very noteworthy.

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Gift with Purchase from Ulta – Deluxe Bathrobe

Now that there will be a lot of cold days than warm, you can get a flu if you go to the balcony to watch the rising sun in only your PJs. Yet, in case you are preparing to head out early, why would you even bother putting on a thick sweatshirt if you can wear the same Ulta bathrobe that you will be using after the shower?
Gift with Purchase from Ulta – Deluxe Bathrobe

Promotional products like the robe ensure many rewards for the brand. Some of them are:
  • Boosted Deals. Ulta is a beauty store that is loved by all those customers who value high-quality merchandise and additional freebies. Hence, the gift with purchase from this brand can boost their sales.
  • Greater Luxury Feel. The fabric material of the free bathrobe seems so luxurious that the consumers may feel like a royalty whenever they wear it. This can improve the perception of people about Ulta.
  • Taller Importance. Not all entrepreneurs are kind enough to realize marketing ideas. Even if the promo gift of the brand is not a robe, the customers will stay grateful.

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Marketing Tip from Jolly Cow – Tumblers Can Look Fun

Experienced marketers say that you feel like you have exhausted your brain from generating new promotional ideas, you are free to unearth the most ancient ones and re-introduce them to the younger crowd. Yet, this tip only works for the influential companies out there. For the not-so-influential companies, your advertising products will do better if they get improved. Spend some time scrutinizing this tumbler from Jolly Cow.

Marketing Tip from Jolly Cow – Tumblers Can Look Fun

What are the profitable factors of the GWP?
  1. The Logo. The brand’s cow logo is noticeable on one part of the promo gift. Admire how they did not bother much with text and focused on the image of an animal even on the milk carton, because this is the right way to advertise your brand to kids.
  2. The Design. Since children are Jolly Cow’s target market, the contrasting white and red colors of the free tumbler catch their interest. It can reflect nicely on their monthly sales, for sure.
  3. The Thought Bubble. Parents are very affectionate to their babies these days. If they have kids who are starting to read, they can use this bubble on the gift with purchase to write short love notes for them every day with the aid of a washable marker.

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Personalized Ribbon Bracelet from Kenzo

Has it ever occurred to you why misunderstandings happen between couples, friends, or family members?

Your guess is as good as ours, but it is quite deceptive that people do not see eye to eye because they either expect a lot from the other person or view one another in a stereotypical way (mostly due to gender). However, the glitch is that your hair will turn gray, and you may still not be able to make them understand you. If you are going through such a situation, simply allow things to fall into place and have this ribbon bracelet that Kenzo is giving as a freebie.

Personalized Ribbon Bracelet from Kenzo

Reasons for Customers to Love the Promotional Merchandise
  1. Suits All Ages. The brand has cleverly used cool, earthy colors for this gift with purchase. This is why a lady of any age can wear this.
  2. Matches Clothing Styles. The brown center makes it look classical and the aquamarine bracelet modernizes the promo gift. Thus, it can be worn with different styles of clothes.
  3. Projects Practicality. The material utilized for the personalized ribbon bracelet will not be discolored by airborne particles or water. The consumers who do not like getting new accessories often will surely appreciate this one.

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